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Jude was amazing and gave me the safe space that I needed to articulate my thoughts out loud. She was an active listener and was a gentle and soothing presence during our session. She's a phenomenal person!
Berlin, Germany

Do you ever get lost in your life – perhaps overwhelmed by the demands of the people and situations around you; perhaps swallowed by negative feelings and past heartbreak that you don’t quite know how to deal with; or perhaps just slowly and insidiously losing touch with who you are, deep down inside?

Jude is a coach and healer, but I really think of her as a trusted guide both in “the real world” but also in my inner landscape.

Whether I need practical advice with something that has me stumped, or need intensive support to face and deal with something that is a deep-rooted issue impacting many facets of my life, Jude seems to always be one step ahead of me, ready to guide, direct, and niggle at me until I move forward. Her role goes beyond what loved ones – friends, family, partners – will comfortably take on most of the time, including being able to sit with you when you are reliving uncomfortable feelings, or struggling to figure out how to take the next step.

No matter what we talk about, at the end of each session I feel lighter both in mind and in spirit, and feel more hopeful, positive and confident in what I’m about to do next. And putting aside all the useful, practical advice and guidance Jude offers – being able to leave clients with that vibe of positivity and potential is a special gift.


Wellington, New Zealand

She's generous, empathetic, wise, loving, direct, insightful.
Wellington, New Zealand
She is a genuine, caring person who wants only to do good in the world. You can trust her.
Christchurch, New Zealand
Jude is an incredibly grounded and calm healer and overall presence - her insights into how to set up your place (your home) so that it is a sanctuary for you are amazing. Well worth the time to talk with her and see how she can help you achieve that sense of being grounded ... whether that is by more connection to nature, more connection to spirituality or simply improving your space so that you love being there. Highly recommended!
Jude has been a point of call for me for quite a while now when it comes to all things about understanding energies, spirits around the home and just when I have needed to seek really wise wisdom about certain things I feel unsure about. Jude has always explained things to me in a clear and easy to understand way, provided me with tools and practices to implement and provided me with really good and valuable information that I am able to implement into my everyday life and journey. I have always walked away from every session and conversation with Jude feeling grounded, balanced and with clear direction about where I need to go and what I need to do. I am so thankful for Jude and her infinite wisdom, I highly recommend her and her services/programs for anyone who is really looking at building the foundations to connecting with their truth and returning home to themselves.
Jude is nothing short of Magical and I am so grateful to have come to meet this wonderful soul. Recently coming to understand that part of my gift is navigating and supporting lower vibrational entities was quite a thing to come into awareness of. Jude has encouraged me and supported me so much. It is only natural that these realms are far outside other people’s zone of genius. Knowing Jude and being able to lean on her expertise has been such a breath of fresh air. She has an incredibly gentle, kind, warm nature and is so patient and readily available. I highly recommend engaging with her and working with her if things get a bit heavy to handle and you’re out of your depth