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I write a lot, and I like to share that with the world. I also love connecting and conversing with people.

Here’s where you can connect with me, and access my writing:


About eight times a year (around the equinoxes and solstices, and halfway between), I write a letter to my subscribers.

These cover what’s happening in my world, what I’m thinking about and reading, and how you can work with me. I try to make them useful and interesting!

Very occasionally, I’ll send an extra email, but I try not to clog up your inbox (none of us need that!)

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Patreon is my membership community, where you can get rewarded for supporting my work .

Sign up as a US$1/month patron to get immediate access to weekly meanderings, monthly tarot readings,  and my ‘Soul Your Space’ challenge. Choose a higher monthly tier and get more goodies, including weekly journalling prompts.

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Social media

You can connect with me on

I show up regularly at all of these, and would love to connect with you!

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Medium is my equivalent of a blog.

I post articles here semi-regularly (I aim for monthly, but frequently miss).

Recent articles include:

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In 2019, I co-authored a book with five other amazing women – and it became an Amazon bestseller overnight!!

The Conscious You is all about consciously creating your best life. There’s a tonne of information and inspiration in here that you can use to create your best life (including my ‘Soul Your Space’ process and the tale of my haunted flat…)

Cost: whatever Amazon charges
(Available in Kindle and Paperback)