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Reconnect with yourself

& create your meaning-rich life

I offer a range of life coaching and D.I.Y. services to support you in your journey through life.


Life Coaching

Most people come to a life coach because of change…

That can be a change they want to make, or a change that’s happening to them whether they want it or not – or a bit of both!

Life happens. We grow and age and have transitions and things happen around us. It’s how this thing we call life works, right?

Sometimes we manage fine. We surf the waves of life with ease. Sometimes it’s harder. Sometimes we find that our old ways of coping just aren’t working any more. Sometimes we get hit with a lot of life all at once. Sometimes we just have that niggly feeling that there’s something missing – something more…

That’s when we can need a coach:

  • someone to support and encourage us,
  • someone who will look closely at what we’re doing and offer ways of changing and improving that,
  • someone who can hold space for us when we need to have a darn good vent,
  • someone who can invite us into possibilities we may not see for ourselves…

Even when things are going well, a coach can be useful. Like a sports coach, a life coach can help us do even better.

Yet we usually wait till things AREN’T well to start coaching. It tends to take a rough patch for us to be willing to have some help. That’s okay (just be aware it’s not compulsory to wait until the brown stuff hits the fan. We can start any time! Yep, even when life is good!)

My approach to life coaching is holistic. Life coaching is about LIFE – ALL of it! It’s right there in the name!

It might be a particular thing in your life that brings you to coaching. That’s usual. Yet you also bring YOU to coaching – all of your life comes along for the ride!

And it works best if we work with all of you, not just a bit.

That way we can dig deep into the whys and hows of things and create ways forward that really work for you – ALL of you:

  • You are a body and a mind and a heart and a soul…
  • You are part of a family and a community and more…
  • You have a history and a culture and a lifetime’s worth of experiences (for better or worse)…

It all matters. You matter. So, we work with it ALL.

I often find (in my own life, as well as with my clients) that a small tweak in one place leads to ripples of transformation throughout life – and it’s not always the tweak you think you need at the beginning that works the best…

By asking questions and looking below your surface (basically going “why?” a LOT) we’ll get to the root of things and that’s when we can make really effective change.

How it works

We meet via Zoom or in-person if you live here in Wellington, New Zealand.

We start with a free 30 minute chat to make sure that we can work together and that what I offer is what you’re looking for.

If you decide to go ahead, we’ll book your first coaching session. These are 60 to 90 minutes long and cost NZ$150 each. You choose how often you want to meet (most folks find fortnightly or monthly works well). There’s no set number of sessions, just what works for you.


Each 60 to 90 minute session costs NZ$150

How to book

Email me ( or, if you’re in New Zealand, text 027 4612866.

Note: I prefer email and texting to phone calls: it helps me keep the details straight and works in around my commitments.

D.I.Y options

If you (or your budget) prefer a D.I.Y. approach, I’ve got you covered!

Weekly questions

Weekly questions to get you thinking and exploring your life in the privacy of your home/journal. I post these for my $5+ patrons on Patreon – join in HERE.

Cost: US$5+ per month on Patreon (including immediate access to all past prompts)



Renovate Your Energy e-course

Renovate your personal energy, and learn meditation & energy work techniques along the way. Renovate Your Energy is a self-paced, beginner friendly e-course designed to help you tend your personal energy.

The course includes:

  • Eight modules with workbooks, audio meditations and transcripts
  • Bonus material to help you take your journey further
  • Lifetime access to the course

Cost: US$220 (or 2 payments of US$110)



Becoming Yourself e-course

Becoming Yourself is a guided journey through tarot’s major arcana with your personal growth at its heart.

Each module consists of 5 days of workbook exploring the archetype of each card in turn.

The modules are rolling out gradually through Patreon to all my patrons at $15+

Modules currently available:

Coming soon:

  • The Empress

Cost: US$15+ per month on Patreon gives you immediate access to all available modules