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I’m Jude: writer, coach, and curious soul.

I want you to live a fulfilling life: a life that you are happy to wake up for. A life that feels meaningful and worth living. A life that works for you (not just your boss!)

I want you to feel at home with yourself.

There are a variety of practical ways I can support you to create this fulfilling life. I have attempted to group these in a useful way, so you can find what you need right now:

  • Your Life covers the different ways I can support you as a person. There are both 1:1 and DIY options. Click through to here if you’re feeling tangled up inside or trapped in others’ expectations.
  • Your Space covers the different ways I can support you in your space (be that home or work). There are both 1:1 and DIY options. Click through to here if all that decluttering isn’t helping as much as you’d hoped.
  • From me to you covers all the places we can connect (from my newsletter to social media and beyond) and where you can read my writing.
  • About me is just that! You can learn a bit more about me and my life – and why I do all these different things!

NOTE: This website is in the midst of construction, but over the coming days my aim is that it becomes an easily navigable way of accessing the myriad of things I do that may be of use and interest to you. Thank you for your patience while I build and write it all!!

Special Services

We are currently living in strange times…

To support you through this time of pandemic, I am offering two special online services:

  • FREE 20 MINUTE CHAT – just what it says! We’ll connect on Zoom to chat about whatever is on your mind for 20 minutes. All free. No sales pitches from me. Just human-to-human connection.
  • SPECIAL 60 MINUTE COACHING SESSION (NZ$80) – need more than a quick chat, or keen to use this time of isolation to transform your life or your home? I’ve got you! This is a very special price for my coaching support – make the most of it!!