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Photo credit : Lisa Dolman

"The Conscious You"

Break down the barriers to consciously create your best life

Soul Your Life

Are you ready to align your life with your inner knowing?

One-to-one soul coaching helps you uncover the true you and create a life you love – and helps you deal with what’s keeping you awake at night!

I’m a great believer in small tweaks and practical steps – transformation needn’t be a big drama to be effective and lasting!

Investment: NZ$220 per 90 minute session/NZ$1080 for my six session package

Let’s get your transformation underway!

Soul Your Space

Fall in love with your surroundings and feel at home in your home…

If you’re ready to connect your soul with your space, I’m here to help you!

My signature ‘Soul Your Space’ process empowers you to enhance the energy and appearance of your space your way.

Investment: NZ$180 per 60 minute session

If you’re ready to ‘clean up’, let’s talk!

Get Grounded

Build up the spiritual side of your life…

GROUNDED is a 12 week small group programme designed to take you deep into your own energy and soul, and get you grounded AF in your truth.

Together, we’ll explore practices to nourish your life from the inside out – and you’ll get full unvarnished access to my lifetime of spiritual exploration!

Investment: NZ$2230 (deposit $230)

Let’s get you grounded!

Renovate Your Energy

If you’re into DIY, you’ll love my course Renovate Your Energy.

This self-paced journey of guided visualisations will get your personal energy cleared out and cleaned up in no time! (Or in as much time as you choose to take!)

Renovate Your Energy is completely beginner-friendly. It’s a straightforward and effective way for to get to know your energy.

Investment: US$350 through Teachable

Get started NOW!

Hi! I'm Jude

I’m here to help you reconnect to your soul.

I’m here to help you become the person you long to be – the one buried underneath all those shoulds and oughts and being sensibles…

I’m here to help you create a life infused with meaning and joy.

Sound good?!

"I am so thankful for Jude and her infinite wisdom. I highly recommend her and her services/programmes for anyone who is really looking at building the foundations to connecting with their truth and returning home to themselves."
"Jude is a coach and healer, but I really think of her as a trusted guide both in “the real world” but also in my inner landscape. Jude seems to always be one step ahead of me, ready to guide and niggle at me until I move forward. No matter what we talk about, at the end of each session I feel lighter both in mind and in spirit, and feel more hopeful, positive and confident in what I’m about to do next."
Julia R.
Wellington, New Zealand
"Jude is nothing short of magical and I am so grateful to have come to meet this wonderful soul. She has encouraged me and supported me so much. Jude has an incredibly gentle, kind, warm nature and is so patient. I highly recommend engaging with her and working with her if things get a bit heavy to handle and you’re out of your depth."

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